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[[!inline pages="doc/about.index" raw="yes"]]
# [[Get Tails|download]]
# Get Tails
[[!inline pages="doc/get.index" raw="yes"]]
[[!meta title="Encryption & privacy"]]
## Manage keys with Seahorse
**FIXME** link to SeaHorse Page?
Tails includes Seahorse, a graphical program to manage OpenPGP keys. You can
start it from the top panel clicking *System*&nbsp;▸ *Preferences*&nbsp;▸ *Password and
Encryption keys*.
[[!inline pages="doc/encryption_and_privacy.index" raw="yes"]]
[[!meta title="Work on sensitive documents"]]
Tails aims at providing a "safe" environment to produce and optionally publish
sensitive documents.
[[!inline pages="doc/sensitive_documents.index" raw="yes"]]
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