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GitLab: link to lists of labels

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......@@ -162,12 +162,20 @@ Every open issue must have exactly 0 or 1 of these labels:
- _P:High_
- _P:Urgent_
See the
[[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/labels?search=P%3A
desc="list of priority labels"]].
## Category
We classify issues with labels whose name starts with _C:_.
For example, _C:Email Client_ or _C:Installation_.
See the
[[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/labels?search=C%3A
desc="list of category labels"]].
## Type of work
To indicate the type of work that's needed to complete the next step
......@@ -184,6 +192,10 @@ For example:
people to do, outside of Tails
- _T:Website_: website work not covered by other options
See the
[[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/labels?search=T%3A
desc="list of type of work labels"]].
## Other labels
- _Starter_: issues flagged as *Starter* can be a good pick for new contributors
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