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Download page: split torrent files and signatures/checksums.

All of them in a single big list seems pretty hard for end-users.
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......@@ -38,17 +38,19 @@ Every ISO image we ship is a hybrid one:
Here are the latest available BitTorrent files, signatures and
packages lists:
[[!map pages="torrents/files/*.torrent
or torrents/files/*.asc
or torrents/files/*.packages
or torrents/files/*.sha256
<h3>Torrent files</h3>
Here are the latest available BitTorrent files (<code>.torrent</code>):
[[!map pages="torrents/files/*.torrent" show="30"]]
<h3>Cryptographic signatures and checksums</h3>
You can also have a look to the <a href='/torrents/files/'>full list</a>.
Here are the OpenPGP signatures (<code>.asc</code>)
and checksums (<code>.sha256</code>) for the Torrent
files listed above:
[[!map pages="torrents/files/*.asc or torrents/files/*.sha256"
</div> <!-- #bittorrent -->
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