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Adjust /install/expert/usb to USB images (#15813)

I'm reusing the text that we had on /install/mac/usb for using `dd`.
See 6b3f8325 or the current master branch.
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......@@ -7,8 +7,6 @@
Start in Debian, Ubuntu, or Linux Mint.
[[!inline pages="install/inc/steps/debian_requirements.inline" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
<h1 id="verify-key">Verify the Tails signing key</h1>
<div class="tip">
......@@ -127,35 +125,69 @@ using the Tails signing key.
- The signature is marked as <code>Good signature</code> since you
certified the Tails signing key with your own key.
Install <span class="application">Tails Installer</span>
Install Tails using <span class="command">dd</span>
1. Make sure that the USB stick on which you want to install Tails is
1. Execute the following command:
<p class="pre command">ls -1 /dev/sd?</p>
It returns a list of the storage devices on the system. For example:
In this step, you will install <span class="application">Tails
Installer</span>, a program designed specifically for installing Tails.
<p class="pre command-output">/dev/sda</p>
1. If you are running:
1. Plug in the USB stick on which you want to install Tails.
a. Debian, execute the following commands to add the
backports repository to your system:
1. Execute again the same command:
BACKPORTS='deb stretch-backports main'
echo $BACKPORTS | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/stretch-backports.list && echo "OK"
<p class="pre command">ls -1 /dev/sd?</p>
b. Ubuntu or Linux Mint, execute the following commands to add the
*universe* repository and our PPA to your system:
Your USB stick appears as a new device in the list.
sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tails-team/tails-installer
<p class="pre command-output">/dev/sda
1. Take note of the *device name* of your USB stick.
In this example, the device name of the USB stick is
<span class="code">/dev/sdb</span>. Yours might be different.
<div class="caution">
<p>If you are unsure about the device name, you should stop proceeding or
<strong>you risk overwriting any hard disk on the system</strong>.</p>
1. Update your lists of packages:
1. Execute the following commands to copy the ISO image that you
downloaded earlier to the USB stick.
sudo apt update
1. Install the <span class="code">tails-installer</span> package:
- <span class="command-placeholder">tails.img</span> with the path to the USB image
sudo apt install tails-installer
- <span class="command-placeholder">device</span> with the device name found in step 5
<p class="pre command">dd if=<span class="command-placeholder">tails.img</span> of=<span class="command-placeholder">device</span> bs=16M && sync</p>
You should get something like this:
<p class="pre command-example">dd if=/home/user/tails-amd64-3.0.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=16M && sync</p>
If no error message is returned, Tails is being copied on the USB
stick. The copy takes some time, generally a few minutes.
<div class="note">
<p>If you get a <span class="guilabel">Permission denied</span> error, try
adding <code>sudo</code> at the beginning of the command:</p>
<p class="pre command">sudo dd if=<span class="command-placeholder">tails.img</span> of=<span class="command-placeholder">device</span> bs=16M && sync</p>
[[!inline pages="install/inc/steps/install_final.inline" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
The installation is complete after the command prompt reappears.
[[!inline pages="install/inc/steps/restart_first_time.inline" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ div.note p.pre {
h1:before, {
content: counter(step)'/7';
content: counter(step)'/6';
h1 {
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