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Update todo items tagged wishlist.

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It would be useful, if with SLL is defined in Pidgin by default. See for more info. I would suggest to generate different random username for (actually different for all pre-defined servers to exclude some possibility that somebody notices the same user popping up on different servers).
> I wonder where/whether this irc network now is. Any hint? [[!tag todo/research]]
I don't know what others think, but I don't want Pidgin to autoconnect to any pre-defined server ( in this case)
> This shall be discussed. [[!tag todo/discuss]]
......@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@ For an user who regularily goes to the same websites to see if there is anything
Of course it will be a lot more useful once T(A)ILS is able to backup/restore personal preferences automatically, but it can still be done manually for now.
> [[!taglink todo/research]] what dependencies it pulls in and see if
> this is affordable.
> research what dependencies it pulls in and see if this is
> affordable.
>> answer: 3.5MB in chroot, about 1MB once compressed.
>> thus done in devel branch => [[!taglink pending]].
It's no problem to run apt-get install tcpdump of course, but as an anonymity-focused Linux distribution it would be useful to have a network traffic analyzer at hand. Please kindly preinstall tcpdump and tcpflow in future versions.
> done in devel branch => [[!taglink pending]].
......@@ -10,3 +10,7 @@ The current version, 1.2.1, is a whole year old.
>>> This is weird. Synaptic (in amnesia 0.4.2) reports that the `iceweasel-torbutton` package is installed, with version 1.2.4-1.
>>> I guess the iceweasel extension is buggy and reports an old version.
>>>> Newer releases for sure have an updated version => [[!taglink
>>>> todo/done]].
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