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Improve OTR-integration when sending messages.

We do this by adding the message that was so carefully crafted by
jabbebot to OTR's "opdata", and use that one as a basis. In the old
way we crafted a new message ourselves from scratch, but that made us
lose other message attributes, like the type, so groupchat messages
couldn't be sent properly.
parent 7fd16c29
......@@ -9,7 +9,9 @@ import otr
class OtrCallbackStore():
def inject_message(self, opdata, accountname, protocol, recipient, message):
mess = xmpp.protocol.Message(to = recipient, body = message)
mess = opdata["message"]
def policy(self, opdata, context):
......@@ -61,8 +63,11 @@ class OtrBot(jabberbot.JabberBot):
self.__otr_callback_store = OtrCallbackStore()
def __otr_callbacks(self):
return (self.__otr_callback_store, self.__opdata)
def __otr_callbacks(self, more_data = None):
opdata = self.__opdata.copy()
if more_data:
return (self.__otr_callback_store, opdata)
def __get_otr_user_context(self, user):
context, _ = otr.otrl_context_find(
......@@ -78,16 +83,17 @@ class OtrBot(jabberbot.JabberBot):
self.__otr_ustate, self.__otr_callbacks(), self.__account,
self.__protocol, user, body, None)
self.__otr_callbacks(), self.__get_otr_user_context(user),
encrypted_body, otr.OTRL_FRAGMENT_SEND_ALL)
self.__otr_callbacks({"message": mess}),
self.__get_otr_user_context(user), encrypted_body,
# Wrap OTR decryption around Jabberbot's callback mechanism.
def callback_message(self, conn, mess):
body = str(mess.getBody())
user = str(mess.getFrom().getStripped())
is_internal, decrypted_body, _ = otr.otrl_message_receiving(
self.__otr_ustate, self.__otr_callbacks(), self.__account,
self.__protocol, user, body)
self.__otr_ustate, self.__otr_callbacks({"message": mess}),
self.__account, self.__protocol, user, body)
context = self.__get_otr_user_context(user)
if context.msgstate == otr.OTRL_MSGSTATE_FINISHED:
......@@ -126,8 +132,8 @@ class OtrBot(jabberbot.JabberBot):
"""Make me gracefully end the OTR session if there is one"""
user = str(mess.getFrom().getStripped())
self.__otr_ustate, self.__otr_callbacks(), self.__account,
self.__protocol, user)
self.__otr_ustate, self.__otr_callbacks({"message": mess}),
self.__account, self.__protocol, user)
return ""
if __name__ == '__main__':
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