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- The Pidgin issue has been solved
- The proxying question is not frequent anymore
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......@@ -740,48 +740,3 @@ the permission design of Linux systems.
See the [[!wikipedia Linux_malware desc="Wikipedia page on Linux malware"]]
for further details.
easy way to chain a SOCKS5 proxy after the hop off the exit node of TOR.
I need to hide the fact that I'm coming from TOR, because many websites block tor.
I have found some websites that explain how to create an SSH tunnel, but using the terminal is above my level of skills :)
It should be possible to use a program like Proxify to chain a proxy, but I
don't know if this creates conflicts, and I don't know how to install a program
that can run of the persistent volume.
Surely there is someone who can simply give us a paragraph of text to enter into
the polipo config file ( where i add the ip address and port for the SOCKS5 i
bought ) or give some other instructions.
* Use something like `ssh -D 1081`. See `DynamicFoward` in `ssh_config(5)`. * Use `iptables` to allow connections to 1081 on localhost.
* For websites, modify FoxyProxy settings to add a new proxy, before rules
for Tor, that contains the addresses that needs to be reached, and
which directs connections to 1081.
* For other programs, draft a dedicated `tsocks.conf`. Use
`TSOCKS_CONF_FILE=tsocks-specific.conf tsocks ssh`.
`proxychains` is in Debian, the package is called by the same name. This means
it is straightforword to install it in Tails. There is no way in can be
preconfigured for every Tails users, so it's hard to see why it should be
included in the default package set.
Other topics
- XXX_NICK_XXX in Pidgin might be caused by a lack of RAM
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