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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into stable

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......@@ -156,6 +156,23 @@ Create a Git branch, forked off the branch into which the new packages
shall eventually be imported into, and called e.g.
`feature/i2p-0.n.m`. Push this branch.
## Get the packages
1. Enter a Jessie i386 chroot and take note of its
temporary directory.
2. In the chroot, download the source and binary packages:
echo 'deb jessie main' > \
/etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p.list && \
echo 'deb-src jessie main' > \
/etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p-sources.list && \
apt-key add - &&
apt update && \
apt-get --download-only source i2p && \
apt-get download i2p i2p-router libjbigi-jni
3. Copy `{i2p,i2p-router,libjbigi-jni}_*` outside of the chroot.
## Check the binary packages
### Content
......@@ -164,14 +181,14 @@ shall eventually be imported into, and called e.g.
grep -v -E '^\./($|usr/(share/doc/i2p-router/|share/i2p/|share/$|share/doc/$|bin/eepget|bin/i2prouter-nowrapper|share/man/man1/eepget\.1\.gz$|share/man/$|share/man/man1/$|bin/$|$))'
dpkg-deb --contents i2p_*.deb | awk '{print $6}' | \
grep -v -E '^\./($|etc/(apparmor.d/(abstractions/)?)?$|etc/apparmor.d/(system_i2p|usr.bin.i2prouter|abstractions/i2p)$|etc/i2p/|etc/init\.d/i2p$|etc/init\.d/$|usr/$|usr/share/$|usr/share/man/$|usr/share/man/man1/$|usr/share/man/man1/i2prouter\.1\.gz$|usr/share/doc/$|usr/share/doc/i2p$|usr/bin/$|usr/bin/i2prouter$)'
grep -v -E '^\./($|etc/(apparmor.d/(abstractions/)?)?$|etc/apparmor.d/(system_i2p|usr.bin.i2prouter|abstractions/i2p)$|etc/i2p/|etc/init\.d/i2p$|etc/init\.d/$|lib/$|lib/systemd/$|lib/systemd/system/$|lib/systemd/system/i2p\.service$|usr/$|usr/share/$|usr/share/man/$|usr/share/man/man1/$|usr/share/man/man1/i2prouter\.1\.gz$|usr/share/doc/$|usr/share/doc/i2p$|usr/bin/$|usr/bin/i2prouter$)'
dpkg-deb --contents libjbigi-jni_*.deb | awk '{print $6}' | \
grep -v -E '^\./($|usr/$|usr/lib/$|usr/lib/jni/|usr/share/$|usr/share/doc/$|usr/share/doc/libjbigi-jni$)'
### Maintainer scripts
Have a look at `*.{pre,post}{inst,rm}` and `*.configure` maintainer
Have a look at `*.{pre,post}{inst,rm} config *.config` maintainer
scripts in each binary package.
## Import the packages
......@@ -196,27 +213,3 @@ scripts in each binary package.
1. build an ISO from the `feature/i2p-0.n.m` Git branch
1. test this ISO
1. merge the `feature/i2p-0.n.m` branch into the appropriate base branch
Things to meditate upon
* Do we want to enable the "Hidden mode" which completely disables
participating traffic?
- Pros:
- the IP address will not be published in I2P's distributed NetDB so
any adversary trying to enumerate all I2P users can only find the
user if he or she happens to use the adversary as an entry to the I2P
network. Hence the reason not to enable I2P per default due to
increased suspicion (3) is somewhat alleviated.
- there will be no additional network traffic used for relaying
other I2P peers traffic, so the network traffic reason (1) for not
starting I2P per default is essentially completely eliminated, and
the CPU/RAM reason (2) is made considerably less severe.
- Cons:
- there's no "cover-traffic", which may decrease the anonymity
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