Commit 45925bdb authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Stop deleting Enigmail's persistent configuredVersion (refs: #15693).

Enigmail needs this info to know whether it should display its configuration
wizard and trigger other post-upgrade operations. We should let it manage
this value itself, otherwise it will display its configuration wizard
every time one starts Thunderbird in a freshly booted Tails, even if
the Thunderbird data is persistent.
parent 707ec077
......@@ -388,15 +388,6 @@ activate_volumes ()
for conf in $(ls /live/persistence/*_unlocked/persistence.conf || true)
migrate_icedove_to_thunderbird "${conf}"
# Let's make sure to get rid of any Enigmail configuredVersion
# that we previously used to set in a way that would become
# persistent in these files (see #12680).
tb_profile="$(dirname "${conf}")/thunderbird/profile.default"
rm -f "${tb_profile}/preferences/0000tails.js"
sed -i --regexp-extended \
'/^(user_)?pref\("extensions\.enigmail\.configuredVersion",/d' \
# Fix permissions on persistent directories that were created
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