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Remove issues fixed by the UEFI support in 1.1.

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......@@ -9,6 +9,6 @@ Here is a detailed list of requirements:
IBM_PC_compatible]]</span>** and others but not <span
class="definition">[[!wikipedia PowerPC]]</span> nor <span
class="definition">[[!wikipedia ARM]]</span>. Mac computers are IBM PC
compatible nowadays but still [[slightly supported by Tails|support/known_issues/#index2h2]]
compatible nowadays.
- **1 GB of RAM** to work smoothly. Tails is known to work with less memory
but you might experience strange behaviours or crashes.
......@@ -51,18 +51,6 @@ Acer Travelmate 8573T-254G50M
Does not start on USB sticks created using Tails Installer.
Booting from DVD works fine.
For the moment, Tails has a very limited support for Mac.
Most recent Mac boot with UEFI only, and currently
Tails does not start with UEFI. See [[the corresponding blueprint|blueprint/UEFI]].
See also [[manual installation using
Mac|doc/first_steps/installation/manual/mac]] for more compatibility
ASUS VivoBook X202E
......@@ -116,8 +104,8 @@ HP ProBook 4330s
With UEFI enabled, when chosing a boot device, select `Boot From EFI File` and
then `Filesystem Tails` and `EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi`.
Clevo W258CU, ThinkPad X121e, X220, X230, T420i, T430, T410, T520, W520, T530, E325 and E530
Clevo W258CU, ThinkPad X121e, T420i, T430, T410, T520, W520, T530, E325 and E530
These machines do not start on USB sticks created using Tails USB
Installer, due to a firmware limitation.
......@@ -127,14 +115,6 @@ installation process|doc/first_steps/installation/manual/linux]].
Note, however, that this technique does not allow you to set up
a persistent volume.
Toshiba Satellite C50-A-12K and C855D-S5106
Fails to start from a Tails USB unless forced to boot using CSM, and not UEFI,
first, as advised on:
<a id="problematic-virtual-machines"></a>
Problematic virtual machines
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