Commit 4460a271 authored by elouann's avatar elouann
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Revert link /etc/ferm/ferm.conf → /etc/firewall.conf

parent 27d62a3e
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ The `openntpd` package is not installed anymore since commit
bf8cc787ce46e9946ab47d5383feb1174da3f22a (20091006). The `ntpd` user
is then non-existent on built amnesia systems.
This user is however mentioned in `/etc/ferm/ferm.conf`.
This user is however mentioned in `/etc/firewall.conf`.
`iptables-restore` being apparently picky about imperfect
configuration files, it refuses to load it, and the firewall-level Tor
enforcement is therefore not effective.
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