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MAC spoofing design doc: drop obsolete paragraph.

We don't block on `udevadm settle' during login anymore.
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......@@ -376,22 +376,6 @@ Scripts:
* [[!greeter_gitweb PostLogin.default]] (where `tails-unblock-network`
is started)
### Potential for blocking the desktop
The call of `udevadm settle` may block for up to 120 seconds (the default
timeout) during Tails Greeter's PostLogin in case of some broken
hardware and/or crappy udev rules. In other words, the Tails desktop
may be blocked for this long, without any notification.
If this turns out to be a problem (currently it's only guesswork) we
could make two `udevadm settle`:s, one with a short timeout (10 seconds)
and if it fails we show a notification and optimistically start
another `udevadm settle` *in* *a* *sub-shell* so it doesn't block the
Tails desktop from starting any more.
For more, see this sub-thread on tails-dev:
## Trigger
We use udev as the trigger that hooks MAC address spoofing. Because of
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