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De-duplicate Tier-1 languages doc.

I had documented this in our design doc in
March (179b3335). A few months later, sajolida
document this again elsewhere

Let's not maintain this info in two different places, especially given it is
clearly not obvious how one could/should find the second instance.
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......@@ -741,29 +741,7 @@ See [[doc/about/features]].
### 3.3.1 Best supported (Tier-1) languages
The set of best supported languages is the union of:
- Languages proposed on our website
- Languages that make Tails understandable by a majority of the
population of the top 10 countries of either
- [directly-connecting Tor clients](
- [Tor clients connecting via bridges](
As of 2019-03-23, the resulting list is:
- Arabic (ar)
- German (de)
- English (en)
- Spanish (es)
- Farsi (fa)
- French (fr)
- Hindi (hi)
- Indonesian (id)
- Italian (it)
- Portuguese (pt-BR)
- Russian (ru)
- Turkish (tr)
- Simplified Chinese (zh-CN)
See [[contribute/how/translate#tier-1-languages]].
### 3.3.2 Locales and spell checking
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