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Full-time and part-time positions
We don't have any open full-time or part-time position at the moment.
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Consultancy jobs
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<p>Cover letter</p>
<p>We are particularly curious why online privacy is important to you.</p>
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<p>Links to other contributions to free software, GitHub, or GitLab accounts</p>
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Tails, a portable operating system that protects your privacy and
avoids censorship, is looking for a new team member for the
foundations team. The foundations team is responsible for maintaining
the core Tails system.
About Tails
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### Role description
The Foundations team [[has _many_
that are divided among its members. We do not expect any single member
to be able to take all these responsibilities themselves — it's a team
effort after all! But given the width of tasks involved you should be
some what of a Linux generalist, being able to analyze and solve
technical problems in many different areas related to a GNU/Linux
All Tails work, including the Foundations team's, is primarily done
remotely, but we tend to do a few sprints each year where we meet face
to face. We work among a few different timezones, so much of the
communication will happen asynchronously although we try to coordinate
in order to be online and work at the same time.
Tails consists not only the workers that are paid but is a big
community of users and contributors. You will be part of this
community too, and together we are in charge of maintaining it as well
as deciding the high level goals of the project. Being part of the
Foundations Team and the Tails community is a lot about the social
aspects, so you should be interessed in how humans comunicate.
We are looking for someone that can dedicate at least 16 hours a week
to Tails, although 20 hours a week or more award bonus points.
### Requirements
* Being good with "plumbing": glueing things together without
necessarily understanding in great depth every individual part.
* Having a significant experience with GNU/Linux, and system
administration basics: ideally you should be experienced with Debian
(or the derivatives) but that is not a MUST as long as you're happy
to learn lots of Debian-specific stuff.
* Having a bit more than beginner level in POSIX-like shell
(e.g. Bash): being able to understand and modify existing scripts
and being able to write small scripts yourself.
* Having a bit more than beginner level at one programming language
among Python, Ruby, and Perl.
* Having a good skills in English, both written and verbal, since it
is our working language.
* Having gut feelings or ethical reasons to be interested in online
* Being not fundamentally adverse to shiny new technologies like
systemd or Flatpak.
* Liking to learn new stuff: Tails is big and you probably don't know
everything yet — nobody does!
### Working conditions
* Working asynchronously with other people due to being in different
timezones and having different levels of involvement.
* Communicating with many different tools like email, jabber/XMPP,
VoIP, ... due to working remotely.
* Working independently on your own, and being responsible for your
own time.
* Working in a team (taking part in team meetings, triage bugs
together, have sprints, ...).
* Interested in _how_ a group of humans communicate, being able to
express needs and feelings, being interessted in helping to handle
crisis & conflicts, organize work, and make decisions.
* Communicating with other folks with different skill sets that are
complementary to yours, and whose perspective shall be taken into
account to inform your work priorities and expectations.
How to apply
Send an email to <>.
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