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......@@ -16,3 +16,5 @@ to add i2p to amnesia. Then we could add the regexp filter
Tor's .onion:s but using the .i2p TLD) so they are proxied through
i2p. This has been tried while running i2p in amnesia, and all seems
to work perfectly.
> IIRC this has been implemented in the devel branch => [[!taglink pending]].
......@@ -3,4 +3,5 @@ On squeeze / gdm3, autologin is broken. One has to type the password
This will be solved when we'll have managed to migrate to live-config.
[[!tag todo/wait]]
[[done]] in the devel branch.
......@@ -7,3 +7,7 @@ contrary:
This seems to be a bug in Claws Mail usage of GnuTLS.
> There have been changes in this field between these initial tests
> and now (20101223). We need to test this using the devel branch,
> and maybe the newer sid packages.
>The summary pretty much says it all. If any host in the server pool doesn't resolve through DNS, the script never terminates. While not a terrible problem, it should fail more gracefully.
This was a misunderstanding -- it's just the tails-htp-notificatin that never disappears on its own. However, as mentiioned in <>, these failures should be presented in a pop-up.
> done in devel branch, [[!taglink pending]].
has [been imported](support/walkthrough).
has [[been imported|support/walkthrough]].
We now need to adapt it.
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ EFF's [HTTPS Everywhere](
Firefox/iceweasel extension is a must-have for T(A)ILS.
We have been told it would be packaged in Debian soon. See
[[!debbug 591579]].
[[!debbug 591579]]. Let's [[!todo/wait]].
[[!tag todo/wait]]
In the meantime this extension has been installed by hand in the devel
branch, time to [[!taglink todo/test]].
**WARNING**: we might want to switch to another MUA, see
Needs to be fixed
[[!tag todo/test todo/code]]
The real IP address is in the Received mail header fields and the
EHLO/HELO packets sent by Thunderbird.
Possible solutions:
- Torbutton (the old 1.0.4.x branch which still supported
Thunderbird): not maintained anymore, the [torbutton
advises not to use it
- ProxyButton: no release since early 2008, not in Debian
- [FoxyProxy]( the Debian package only
supports iceweasel, whereas upstream advertises icedove support
Already checked
To be checked
[[!tag todo/research]]
* local hostname in `Message-ID`
* local IP in `Received:`
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Non-commercial, ethical ISPs, such as the one who signed the
need to be better supported by amnesia:
* install the SSL certificates/CA for such servers
* get them to use [[Monkeysphere]]
* add bookmarks to the above-mentioned servers, in particular for
quick'n'easy webmail access
* easily build a live system with a custom JavaScript/cookies
......@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@ CS Lite features
CS Lite issues
Seems like it is unmaintained. Editing its `install.rdf` would make it
work inside Squeeze's iceweasel for the time being.
Seems like it is unmaintained. We've had to edit its `install.rdf` to
make it work inside Squeeze's iceweasel.
[[!tag todo/research]]
This is what's said about [FoxyProxy]( in the
[Torbutton FAQ](
has [[been imported|/support/walkthrough]].
We now need to adapt it.
[[!tag todo/documentation]]
It would be nice if TrueCrypt is included in Live CD as it was in
Incognito. It has more features as Encrypted folders.
> The non-Free TrueCrypt license implies we need to [[!taglink todo/discuss]] this.
> The non-Free TrueCrypt license implies we have needed to discuss this.
Now that it has been made official that The (Amnesic) Incognito Live
System is Incognito's spiritual successor, we really have to make
[[!tag todo/discuss]]
Further to the recent bug "Iceweasel exposes a rare User-Agent" linked
to Debian bug #595375, could a user-agent changer plugin be
to [[!debbug 595375]], could a user-agent changer plugin be
incorporated into iceweasel?
As a suggestion could the User-Agent-Switcher plugin from
......@@ -7,5 +7,5 @@ Our release process now includes quite thorough testing that makes us
confident enough in T(A)ILS configuration to instead use this very
website as the homepage.
A bookmark to <> should nevertheless be
A bookmark to <> has been added in the
devel branch (commit 89d7561) to ease the transition.
......@@ -22,6 +22,14 @@ internal or removable, and we probably don't want to spin down
removable disks, especially the one we booted from.
Another possibility to list internal hard disks is to use higher level
tools, such as udev, HAL (more or less deprecated in Squeeze) or
udisks (not in Lenny yet).
tools, such as udev or udisks.
udisks can be accessed through d-bus on the `org.freedesktop.UDisks`
service on the system message bus. Every device (partition, disk, dm
volume) has an entry in `/org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/NAME` that
has a `DeviceIsRemovable` property.
Implementation hints:
- `apt-cache show d-feet`
- modern Unix-ish programing languages have d-bus bindings.
......@@ -2,3 +2,6 @@
onboard 0.93.2 is supposed to enhance keyboard autodetection.
We should refresh our custom packages.
Beware, there are [[bugs|todo/install_a_non-KDE_virtual_keyboard]]
with onBoard in squeeze, we might want to replace it instead.
It is really easier to maintain Debian-packaged iceweasel extensions,
rather than maintaining them ourselves in the Git-ified `/etc`.
Adblock Plus
Now available in Squeeze => [[!taglink todo/wait]] for the time we
build against Squeeze.
Other considered extensions
Considered extensions
[[!map pages="todo/iceweasel_addon_*"]]
Currently it just silently fails (unless the user looks in /var/log/htpdate.log) which isn't nice. A pop-up similar to the one stating that time syncing has started should appear in this case, showing the relevant parts of the logs and suggesting further course of action for the user.
[[!tag todo/code]]
This todo item is probably [[!taglink todo/easy]] for Perl speakers.
> Implemented in the devel branch. [[!tag pending]].
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