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todo/macchanger: following-up the discussion

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......@@ -66,6 +66,23 @@ integrate nicely in an environement where network manager is in charge
of the network configuration, but still that doesn't solve the user's
choice problem.
> My take on this is that this place is the one where we can ensure
> the mac address is changed (or not) when needed; at least it works
> when network configuration is done through `ifupdown` or Network
> Manager (but not when using `ip` or `ifconfig` by hand; if we really
> want to support these, I guess that only udev rules can do the job
> properly).
> Anyway: IMHO, using this `.d` directory or not is pretty unrelated
> to the method used to get the user's choice. Enabling/disabling such
> a ifupdown script is quite feasible:
> * if chosen at boot time: a `live-initramfs` hook will do the job,
> based on `grep /proc/cmdline`
> * if chosen by any nice-random-desktop-UI: a suid wrapper could
> toggle this script on/off, restore the original mac address and
> restart Network Manager as needed.
Network Manager
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