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# Getting started
To create your GitLab account, visit the [[!tails_gitlab users/sign_in
desc="registration page"]] in a web browser.
If you were using Redmine previously, read [[how to transition to
GitLab|GitLab/transition]]. Else, to create your GitLab account, visit the
[[!tails_gitlab users/sign_in desc="registration page"]] in a web browser.
Then you will be allowed to open new issues, create merge requests, and fork
your own copy of our repositories.
[[!meta title="How to transition to GitLab"]]
This page is meant for existing Tails contributors, who need to adjust
their existing setup and habits to GitLab.
[[!toc levels=2]]
Activate your GitLab user account
If you have ever done anything on our Redmine, you now have a GitLab
user account. To activate it:
1. Visit the [[!tails_gitlab users/password/new desc="Reset Password page"]]
in a web browser.
2. Enter the email address you were registered with on Redmine.
3. Click _Reset Password_.
4. Follow the instructions in the email you receive.
Update your Git configuration
For every repository that's listed in
[[!tails_gitlab tails/ desc="the `tails` GitLab group"]],
except `tails/jenkins-jobs` and `tails/puppet-*`:
if you have a local clone of that repository,
you need to points its Git remote to GitLab.
Here's how to do that:
1. Find the remote URL with the _Clone_ button on the corresponding
GitLab project.
2. Run a command in the directory of your local clone.
The exact command depends on the remote URL,
on the name you gave to that remote,
and on whether you want to use HTTPS or SSH.
For example, you would run:
git remote set-url origin \
git remote set-url origin \
3. Remove any obsolete `insteadOf` configuration you may have in `~/.gitconfig`,
`~/.config/git/config`, and in this repository's `.git/config`. These could
lead to problems that are hard to debug.
Note: some repositories have not been migrated to GitLab yet ([[!tails_ticket
17605]]). That's why you need to do this operation on a per-clone basis,
and not globally.
Use GitLab
See the corresponding documentation:
- [[how Tails uses GitLab|contribute/working_together/GitLab]]
- [[Git repositories|contribute/git]]
Known issues
There is currently no known issue.
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