Commit 4282dd05 authored by Tails developers's avatar Tails developers
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Fix unsafe browser prefs mangling path and function name.

parent d41adf91
......@@ -156,10 +156,10 @@ configure_chroot () {
chroot ${CHROOT} apt-get remove --yes xul-ext-*
# Disable proxying in the chroot
sed -i '/^pref("network.proxy.type",/d' \
echo 'pref("network.proxy.type", 0);' >> \
sed -i '/^user_pref("network.proxy.type",/d' \
echo 'user_pref("network.proxy.type", 0);' >> \
rm -rf ${CHROOT}/etc/iceweasel/profile/extensions
# Set a scary theme (except if we're using Windows camouflage)
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