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More ideas on super installer

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......@@ -303,8 +303,7 @@ Description (on top of proposal 0):
- Tails Installer does TOFU OpenPGP, OpenPGP correlation, and WoT.
- Browser extension is packaged in Debian.
- People burning DVD can check their ISO with Tails Installer if
available :)
- Use Tails Installer for burning DVD as well.
Possible attacks:
......@@ -326,11 +325,6 @@ Possible attacks:
- Debian app store
- Targeted malware (hard)
UX questions:
- People using DVD or virtualization need to download and run an
unrelated software to verify the ISO.
Pros (over proposal 1):
- More autonomy regarding development (we know how to do that).
......@@ -338,7 +332,9 @@ Pros (over proposal 1):
- HTTPS pinning verification at best on Windows and Mac.
- HTTPS pinning verification at best on Windows and Mac. It's ok not
to do OpenPGP verification on Windows: we can't really be more
secure than the base OS anyway.
- Verification logic is partly duplicated in browser extension and
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