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Don't use backward compatibility symlink that will be deprecated soon.

See todo/newer_live-boot for details.
parent 58ef6c87
......@@ -237,13 +237,13 @@ volume. This does not apply to the Unsafe web browser.
When this feature is activated, all the files in the <span
class="filename">/live/mount/persistence/XXX_unlocked/dotfiles</span> folder
class="filename">/lib/live/mount/persistence/XXX_unlocked/dotfiles</span> folder
are linked in the <span class="filename">Home Folder</span> (files in
subfolders of <span class="filename">dotfiles</span> are also linked
in the corresponding subfolder of your <span class="filename">Home
Folder</span>). The `XXX` in the above should be something like `sdb2`
but since there will only ever be one folder in <span
class="filename">/live/mount/persistence</span> there should be little risk
class="filename">/lib/live/mount/persistence</span> there should be little risk
for confusion.
This option is useful if you want to make some specific files
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