Commit 4173d78b authored by anonym's avatar anonym

Use an appropriate working directory when launching the Tor Browser.

The Tor Browser assumes that the working directory is the directory
where the browser lives (e.g. the executable). For instance, the
fonts.conf (for fontconfig) the Tor Browser uses looks for the fonts
in the "fonts" sub-directory of the current working directory. This
will fix issues with "empty boxes" as characters in the Save As/Open

Will-fix: #11097
parent 4d769db0
......@@ -60,6 +60,11 @@ start_browser() {
export FONTCONFIG_PATH="${TBB_INSTALL}/TorBrowser/Data/fontconfig"
export FONTCONFIG_FILE="fonts.conf"
# The Tor Browser often assumes that the current directory is
# where the browser lives, e.g. for the fixed set of fonts set by
# fontconfig above.
exec_firefox -allow-remote --class "Tor Browser" -profile "${PROFILE}" "${@}"
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