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Adjust some figures and phrasing.

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......@@ -14,14 +14,14 @@ As a reminder, we are discussing in [[!tails_ticket 10396]] that one
isotester means:
* 20G RAM
* 25-30G HDD (10G system+data, 15-20G tmp)
* 3 CPUs (+1 for the qemu process on the host)
* 25G HDD (10G system+data, 15G tmp)
* 3 CPU cores (+1 for the qemu process on the host)
So 8 isotesters would mean:
* 160G RAM
* 200-240G HDD
* 32 CPUs max
* 200G HDD
* 32 CPU cores max
From there, it seems unlikely we could host that on Lizard, and we are
back on the research about new hardware for isotesters.
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