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Sponsor S report: explain the new Icedove timeline.

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# A. Replace Claws Mail with Icedove
XXX: explain the new timeline / postponed stuff
Timing-wised, for this deliverable we are working with a more
[incremental schedule](
than what was planned initially. Instead of completing all the work
for milestone IV (2016, January 15):
* We released Icedove in Tails way ahead of schedule, as reported two
months ago (A.1.3, A.1.5).
* With respect to securing the Icedove autoconfig wizard (A.1.1), the
remaining work will be spread over the next few months: first, we
aim at having a proof-of-concept branch, that integrates the
secured wizard into Tails, ready by the end of the month; second,
we want to release this feature in Tails 2.2 (early March); third,
the process of trying to have our patches merged upstream (A.1.2)
has started, and will span over the next months.
## A.1.2 Make our improvements maintainable for future versions of Icedove
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