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Sysadmin: update wrt. resolved issues

Let's link to the code that resulted from resolving these issues.
parent dae9a820
......@@ -358,13 +358,15 @@ Below, importance level is evaluated based on:
[[!tails_gitlab tails/puppet-tails/-/blob/master/manifests/jenkins/slave/iso_builder.pp
[[!tails_gitlab tails/puppet-tails/-/blob/master/manifests/jenkins/slave/iso_tester.pp
and [[!tails_gitlab tails/puppet-tails/-/blob/master/manifests/tester.pp
* some configuration in the manifest ([[!tails_ticket 7106]])
* signing keys are managed with the `tails_secrets_jenkins` Puppet module
- web server:
* some configuration in the manifest ([[!tails_ticket 7107]])
* [[!tails_gitlab tails/puppet-tails/-/blob/master/manifests/jenkins/reverse_proxy.pp
desc="`tails::jenkins::reverse_proxy` class"]]
* design documentation: [[sysadmins/Jenkins]]
* importance: critical (as a key component of our development process)
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