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If we release a 3.17 it'll be a bugfix release.

I.e. it'll be built from the stable branch: testing & devel are now
based on Buster. This would be a special bugfix release as it would
include the upgrade to Tor Browser 9.0 (Firefox 68); we've already
done this sort of things and it went well.
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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ All times are referenced to Berlin and Paris time.
* 2019-10-03, 16:00: [[Foundations Team|contribute/working_together/roles/foundations_team]] meeting
* 2019-10-22: **Release 3.17** (Firefox 68.2, major release); this release might be
* 2019-10-22: **Release 3.17** (Firefox 68.2, bugfix release); this release might be
based on Debian Buster and then called 4.0, but for now Release Managers
should assume it's 3.17
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