Commit 3b93b2ef authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

Set publication date for a few old news.

Otherwise, they appear on top of
due to the time the corresponding .it.po file was created.
parent c4cc2ff9
[[!meta title="Report on the 2013 Tails bounty program"]]
[[!meta date="Thu Mar 6 21:36:35 2014"]]
Thanks to the [Knight Foundation](
and to the [Tor project](, we have
[[!meta title="Tails report from August to December 2014"]]
[[!meta date="Wed Mar 4 14:17:29 2015"]]
As you might have noticed, [[the last monthly
report|news/report_2014_06-07]] was a long time ago, because the people
[[!meta title="Tails 2013 summit report"]]
[[!meta date="Fri Aug 9 09:12:07 2013"]]
A bunch of people spend a dozen days together in July at the third
Tails developers yearly summit. This was a great opportunity to have
[[!meta title="Tails user support mailing list"]]
[[!meta date="Sat Aug 10 10:42:51 2013"]]
After we closed off our forum in June, the Tails community was left
without a public user support channel apart from IRC.
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