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Clarification in the release process.

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......@@ -1056,13 +1056,16 @@ this, and skip what does not make sense for a RC.
--repo "$bare_repo" && \
rm -rf "$bare_repo"
1. Remove all old versions in `wiki/src/upgrade/v1/Tails` that were
never released. Explanation: the post-release APT repository steps
from the previous stable release will usually have had us prepare
for an emergency release that was never made.
1. Pull `master` back and merge it into `stable`, and in turn into
`devel`, `experimental` and `feature/jessie`.
1. Follow the
[[post-release|contribute/APT_repository#workflow-post-release]] APT
repository documentation.
1. Remove any version in `wiki/src/upgrade/v1/Tails` that was not
repository documentation. Make sure there are upgrade-description
files for any new versions that were added.
1. Push the resulting branches.
1. If this was a major release, then reset experimental:
- take note of branches merged into `experimental`, but not into
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