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Update a bit the USB installation design doc.

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......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ Two alternatives booting methods have been investigated:
We have settled on the *copy ISO's content* way, mostly because it is overall
simpler, more robust, and allows
implementing [[!tails_todo incremental_upgrades]] relatively easily.
implementing [[contribute/design/incremental_upgrades]] relatively easily.
......@@ -56,11 +56,13 @@ The storage device is partitioned using [GPT](
* Partitions can be labeled. The [[design/persistence]] setup tools can
easily detect the right partitions without blind tries.
The system partition (holding Tails) has a size of 1.5 GB, with the
The system partition (holding Tails) has a size of 2.5 GB, with the
following estimates:
* Tails ISO: 1GB
* 3 [[!tails_todo incremental_upgrades desc="incremental upgrade kits"]], 60 MB each: 180MB
* 3 [[incremental upgrade kits|contribute/design/incremental upgrade]], 200 MB each: 600MB
* free space needed to install an incremental upgrade kit: 2 * 200 MB
= 600 MB
The Tails system partition uses a FAT32 filesystem, mainly because it is the
one supported by SYSLINUX we may easily create, in a programmatic manner, from
......@@ -124,11 +126,11 @@ We have `.desktop` files for the following usecases:
Why a fork of liveusb-creator?
After an initial [[!tails_todo usb_install_and_upgrade/archive desc="roundup of existing tools"]],
After an initial [[roundup of existing tools|blueprint/usb_install_and_upgrade/archive]],
we decided to use Fedora's `liveusb-creator` as a basis, for reasons that are now
obsolete due to more recent design choices. While we did most of our initial
adaptation work on liveusb-creator with future upstreaming of our changes in
mind, it proved to be hard, and future extension seems now out of question.
Our [[!tails_todo usb_install_and_upgrade desc="future plans"]] include moving to another
Our [[future plans|blueprint/usb_install_and_upgrade]] include moving to another
piece of software as a basis, and hopefully working more closely with this
future upstream of ours.
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