Commit 39cc195e authored by geb's avatar geb

Ensure Mac Spoofing Panic messages will be correctly displayed (refs: #17779)

Udev may close child processes when a process associated with a rule
(/etc/udev/rules) terminates. As mac spoofing notifications processes
are launched in background, with a static wait, they may be killed
before the message is effectively displayed.
This patch makes tails-spoof-mac wait for those processes before exiting.
It may makes tails-spoof-mac wait indefinitely. However, udev will ensure
it terminates after 120 seconds.
parent 0c82444f
......@@ -149,6 +149,11 @@ then
log "Panic mode failed for NIC ${NIC}."
# Wait for the notification subprocesses to exit before quitting to
# prevent them being interrupted by underlying process manager (udev)
# once we quit. Note that it could make us wait indefinitely.
# However, udev will interrupt rules tasks after 120 seconds.
exit 1
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