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Fix devel from FTBFS by downgrading torbrowser-launcher.

torbrowser-launcher 0.2.9 has entered sid and thus the APT snapshot
used by devel, and since our AppArmor profile patch does not apply, we
FTBFS. Updating the patch is the real fix, but is complex and will be
part of #12679.

Fix-committed: #15270
Refs: #12679
parent 84faf0ee
......@@ -45,6 +45,11 @@ Package: thunderbird* calendar-google-provider
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 999
Explanation: Without this we FTBFS due to #15270 but the real fix (which should be in Tails 3.6~rc1) will come with #12679
Package: torbrowser-launcher
Pin: release o=Debian,n=stretch-backports
Pin-Priority: 999
Package: obfs4proxy
Pin: release o=TorProject,n=obfs4proxy
Pin-Priority: 990
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ install_torbrowser_AppArmor_profile() {
tmpdir="$(mktemp -d)"
cd "$tmpdir"
apt-get source torbrowser-launcher/sid
apt-get source torbrowser-launcher/stretch-backports
install -m 0644 \
torbrowser-launcher-*/apparmor/torbrowser.Browser.firefox \
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