Commit 37213b93 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Test suite: remove no-op test (refs: #8514)

parent 5812ed27
Feature: Regressions tests
Scenario: tails-debugging-info does not leak information
Given I have started Tails from DVD without network and logged in
Then tails-debugging-info is not susceptible to symlink attacks
......@@ -190,41 +190,6 @@ Then /^the running process "(.+)" is confined with Seccomp in (filter|strict) mo
Then /^tails-debugging-info is not susceptible to symlink attacks$/ do
secret_file = '/secret'
secret_contents = 'T0P S3Cr1t -- 3yEs oN1y'
$vm.file_append(secret_file, secret_contents)
$vm.execute_successfully("chmod u=rw,go= #{secret_file}")
config = JSON.load($vm.file_content('/etc/whisperback/debugging-info.json'))
debug_log("Config: #{config}")
config.each do |config_item|
debug_log("Looking at #{config_item}")
next unless config_item[0] == 'file'
debug_user = config_item[1]['user']
debug_file = config_item[1]['path']
# We're only testing leak of information, that's normally not
# accessible to the amnesia user, via "sudo tails-debugging-info"
next if debug_user == LIVE_USER
# Skip files that do not exist, or cannot be removed (e.g. the
# ones in /proc).
next if not($vm.execute("rm #{debug_file}").success?)
# Ensure the target of the symlink is owned by the expected user
$vm.execute_successfully("chown #{debug_user}:#{debug_user} #{secret_file}")
# Check what would happen *if* the amnesia user managed to replace
# the debugging file with a symlink to the secret.
$vm.execute_successfully("ln -s #{secret_file} #{debug_file}")
$vm.execute_successfully("chown --no-dereference #{LIVE_USER}:#{LIVE_USER} #{debug_file}")
if $vm.execute("sudo /usr/local/sbin/tails-debugging-info | " +
"grep '#{secret_contents}'",
:user => LIVE_USER).success?
raise "The secret was leaked by tails-debugging-info via '#{debug_file}'"
# Remove the secret so it cannot possibly interfere with the
# following iterations (even though it should not).
$vm.execute_successfully("echo > #{debug_file}")
When /^I disable all networking in the Tails Greeter$/ do
@screen.wait_and_click('TailsGreeterNetworkConnection.png', 30)
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