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Ticket [[!tails_ticket 8578]],
This would be similar the the Tor Project's [page](
This page summarizes resources we provide to help you make Tails' research more effective.
Tails is doing glue work, we rely on the work of others so we can produce our flavor of a GNU/Linux distribution. Sometimes however, we stumble into problems which we don't have the knowledge to solve it and/or not the resources in order to produce a solution for a specific problem.
We'd like to work with the academic research community in order to solve some open research questions that exist for live distributions like Tails. This page consists of various open ended research problems we'd like to see resolved.
When you are working on a research question that is interesting for us as a project or solving a related problem to Tails. **Please** talk to us, the *earlier* the **better** so we can help you make the *right* assumptions.
When you worked on a problem and published a paper about it, please let us know and we'll list your paper on a page on our website and link it from here.
The best way to reach us is through the [tails-dev]( mailinglist.
## Academic communities
There is a large academic community targeted at specific problems in the scientific field. Below are some links that might be of interest to you.
* Anonymity researchers - [PETS](
* Computer science in various fields - [USENIX](
## Research ideas
* [Randomness seeding](
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