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......@@ -379,6 +379,26 @@ permitted by law.</strong></p>
<h4 id="litecoin">Litecoin</h4>
<a id="other-cryptos"></a>
[[!toggle id="other-cryptos" text="What about other cryptocurrencies?"]]
[[!toggleable id="other-cryptos" text="""
<p>Supporting a new cryptocurrency implies more work for us
(learning how it works, installing the software in a secure place,
monitoring its value and trading it, etc.). To make a good use of
our time, we focus on the ones that are the easiest for us to
accept and the most popular.</p>
<p>Until now, cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin represent less
than 5% of our donations in cryptocurrencies. We want to see
cryptcurrencies other than Bitcoin gain popularity before spending
time on them.</p>
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