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Rework the 1.3~rc1 call for testing.

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......@@ -67,29 +67,21 @@ What's new since 1.2.3?
Notable changes since Tails 1.2.3 include:
* Major new features
- Install the electrum bitcoin client from wheezy-backports, and
add a persistence preset for the Live user's bitcoin
wallet. (Closes: [[!tails_ticket 6739]])
* Hardening
- Sandbox the Tor Browser using AppArmor. From now on it can only
access the "~/Tor Browser" (default) and "~/Persistent/Tor
Browser" directories; please read the user documentation to
learn more about how this affect its usage. (Closes:
[[!tails_ticket 5525]])
- Install a custom-built Tor package with Seccomp enabled when no
pluggable transport is used. (Closes: [[!tails_ticket 8174]])
- Distribute a hybrid ISO image again: no need for anyone to
manually run `isohybrid` anymore! ([[!tails_ticket 8510]])
- Confine the Tor Browser using AppArmor to protect against some
types of attack. [Learn more](
about how this will affect your usage of Tails.
([[!tails_ticket 5525]])
- Install the Electrum bitcoin client, and allow users
to persist their wallet. ([[!tails_ticket 6739]])
* Minor improvements
- Install obfs4proxy instead of obfsproxy, which adds support for
the obfs4 pluggable transport to Tor. (Closes:
[[!tails_ticket 7980]])
- Implement new touchpad settings. This enables tap-to-click,
2-fingers scrolling, and disable while typing. We don't enable
reverse scrolling nor horizontal scrolling. (Closes:
[[!tails_ticket 7779]])
- Reduce brightness and saturation of background color. (Closes:
[[!tails_ticket 7963]])
- Support obfs4 Tor bridges ([[!tails_ticket 7980]])
- Touchpad: enable tap-to-click, 2-fingers scrolling, and disable
while typing. ([[!tails_ticket 7779]])
- Support Vietnamese input in IBus. ([[!tails_ticket 7999]])
- Improve support for OpenPGP smartcards. ([[!tails_ticket 6241]])
See the <a href="">online
Changelog</a> for technical details.
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