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Update changelog for 0.22~rc1.

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tails (0.22) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
tails (0.22~rc1) unstable; urgency=low
* Placeholder for next release.
[Tails developpers]
* Security fixes
- Stop migrating persistence configuration and access rights.
- Only tails-persistence-setup can configure persistence (Closes: #6435).
- Disable live-additional-software.conf if parent directory has unsafe
permissions (Closes: #6413).
- Additional software should create a config file with the right permissions
if needed (Closes: #6436).
* Major improvements
- Switch to Iceweasel 24 (Closes: #6370).
- Switch to Torbutton 1.6 (Closes: #6371).
- Install Linux 3.11-2 from Debian testing.
- Resync' (most) Iceweasel prefs with TBB 3.0-beta-1.
- Prepare incremental upgrades to be the next default way to upgrade Tails.
- Disable Torbutton 1.6's check for Tor.
Unfortunately, the new breaks the remote Tor check.
We cannot use the local Tor check with the control port. So, the shortest
and sanest path to fixing the check issue, because the remote Tor check is
broken" seems to simply disable this check.
* Bugfixes
- Fix Torbrowser green onion checking.
- Prevent Torbutton from asking users to "upgrade TBB".
- Use the same Tor SOCKS port as the TBB (9151) for our web browser.
This should be enough to avoid being affected by Tor#8511.
- Disable DPMS screen blanking (Closes: #5617).
- Deny X auth only after vidalia exits (Closes: #6389).
- Fix persistent volume ACL checking.
- Disable all persistence configuration files if the mountpoint has wrong
access rights.
- More generic IP and MAC sanitizing regexp in bug reports (Closes: #6391).
-- Tails developers <> Thu, 17 Oct 2013 16:06:12 +0200
* Minor improvements
- Translations all over the place.
- Document more problematic USB sticks and laptops.
- Improve documentation when verifying without a trusted key.
- Rework the "contribute" section of the documentation.
- Add basic info about how we are using Redmine.
- Update and improve various release processes.
- Enable favicons in Iceweasel.
- Disable noscript.showPermanent.
In Tails, every such thing is temporary, so better only display the menu
entry that's about temporarily allowing something.
- Add more FAQ entries in the documentation.
- Update AdBlock Plus patterns.
- Clarify which HTTPS Everywhere settings are Tails-specific.
- Improve "Leak prevention" section.
- Only include 10 entries in the security atom feeds.
Until now, we've been including all entries, which is constantly growing
and not that useful.
[ WinterFairy ]
* Use IBus instead of SCIM (Closes: #6206).
It makes possible to input passwords in pinentry for Japanese, Chinese and
Korean language
* Add bopomofo as a configured input method too.
It is installed, and apparently (according to Wikipedia)
preferred over pinyin in some regions in China.
* Add an import-translation script.
This will make the importation of completed translations from Transifex
[ Kytv]
* Update I2P to (Closes: #6080).
* Tails specific settings/configs for I2P.
* Disable IPv6 support.
* Disable i2cp (allows java clients to communicate from outside the JVM). If
this is unset an exception for port 7654 would need to be added to ferm.
* Disable "in-network" updates (this is also done in the regular I2P packages)
* Disable the outproxies. Access to the Internet is already routed through Tor
so these are unnecessary. If end-users have a good reason to go through one of the
I2P outproxies they can turn them back on.
* relaxed permissions so that both the i2psvc user and the i2psvc group have access
* Boostrap through
* Add a couple of default I2P IRC channels to Pidgin
* Allow access to the local 'eepsite' through FoxyProxy
* Add exceptions to ferm for the standard I2P ports
* I2P documentation updates
-- Tails developers <> Sat, 30 Nov 2013 16:47:18 +0100
tails (0.21) unstable; urgency=low
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