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todo/discuss++: to enable toggling or not enable toggling...

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[[!tag todo/discuss]]
In Tails <=0.7.2 (with Torbutton <1.4) we allowed toggling Torbutton
to enable full javascript for pages it breaks etc. We made it more
difficult to toggle by mistake by setting torbutton.locked_mode=true,
which makes the panel require a right-click -> Toggle instead of just
a left-click, which is good. In Torbutton 1.4 the behaviour changed:
torbutton.locked_mode=true makes it impossible to toggle, and false
enabled toggling only through the Torbutton menu, which essentually
is our old bahaviour.
The question is, do we even want to support toggling at all at this
point, i.e. Tails 0.8 and on? That might just confuse our users as
Tor really can't be disabled thanks to our
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