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Wikipedia [lists](
the following disadvantages (by design) of EncFS (used by CryptKeeper,
which we are shipping):
* EncFS volumes cannot be formatted with an arbitrary filesystem. They
share the same features and restrictions as the filesystem
containing the source directory.
* Fragmentation of the encrypted volume causes fragmentation of the
filesystem containing the source directory.
* Anyone having access to the source directory is able to see how many
files are in the encrypted filesystem, what permissions they have,
their approximate size, and the last time they were accessed or
The last point is especially worrying from a security POV (no leaks
are good) and show why encrypted filesystems like EncFS are inferior
to full disk encryption solutions like LUKS. Since [[persistence]] is
implemented, and is using LUKS, we should consider removing
CryptKeeper to stop encouraging its use.
[[!tag todo/discuss]]
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