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Document how active contributors can be sponsored to attend events on behalf...

Document how active contributors can be sponsored to attend events on behalf of Tails (refs: #14727)
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- [[Code of conduct|contribute/working_together/code_of_conduct]]
- [[Social contract|contribute/working_together/social_contract]]
- [[Contributors meetings|contribute/meetings]], and minutes from past meetings
- [[Sponsorship to attend events|contribute/sponsorship_to_attend_events]]
- [[Marking a task as Starter|contribute/working_together/criteria_for_starter_tasks]]
- [[Document progress|contribute/working_together/document_progress]]
- Roles
In general, you should not have to spend your own money to attend
relevant events such as conferences on behalf of Tails: in most cases
the project will reimbursed the corresponding expenses. Here is how to
get such sponsorship.
[[!toc levels=2]]
# General rules
## Can I request sponsorship?
If you're reading this page and wondering whether you can request
sponsorship, then you probably should; e.g. if you've spent more than
20 hours working on Tails this year, be it as a volunteer or as a paid
worker, then you definitely qualify :)
## What kind of costs are covered?
This sponsorship can cover your travel costs, food, hydration, local
transportation, and conference tickets.
When spending Tails' money, keep in mind that the project is working
with a limited budget that is used with frugality.
## Is it OK to request sponsorship after the fact?
No, it's not OK. In order to avoid biasing the decision-making process
sponsorship should be asked before spending the corresponding money, and
so before the event.
See below for specific deadlines.
## What should I write in my sponsorship request?
Sponsorship requests must include:
- An estimated budget of travel costs, hosting, food, and others.
- A list of objectives for the event; in other words, what you plan
to do there, and why it will be beneficial for Tails.
Take it easy though, we're not asking for a detailed work plan: for
example, "getting to know many other Tails people in person" is
often a valid objective.
## Who should I write to?
Send your sponsorship request to the <> private mailing
list: [[about/contact#tails]].
## There must be a trap, what I am committing to exactly?
You will have to send a report about the event to the relevant
mailing list.
Most of the time <> is the best place to report
to, but you may also have additional bits to report privately, for
example to the Fundraising team if you found funding leads.
## How do I get actually reimbursed?
The process to get your expenses reimbursed is not documented yet,
stay tuned. Meanwhile:
- While spending money on behalf of Tails, keep the original proofs
(e.g. paper receipts) of all the expenses you want Tails
to reimburse.
- Reimbursements are processed by our Accounting team:
# Decision-making process
1. If you're requesting an amount below 400€, then you can use your
_Magical Joker_. This only works once per year. If you choose to do
so, then make it clear in your sponsorship request.
2. Send your sponsorship request as documented above.
3. If you used your _Magical Joker_, then your sponsorship request
will be implicitly approved a week after you have sent it…
unless <> says otherwise.
Else, if you are not using your _Magical Joker_, then wait for
an answer.
# Special cases
## Highly popular events
Events that many Tails contributors will probably want to attend, for example the
Chaos Communication Congress, are handled in a specific manner: we
want to avoid any "first come first serve" unfairness, and to make
decision with a good overview of how many people want to attend.
Sponsorship requests for such events are not handled individually, one
after the other. Instead, two months before the events starts,
<> looks at all the sponsorship requests received about
this event, makes a decision, and answers everyone at once.
Sponsorship requests received later are still considered but they have
less chances to be accepted.
The _Magical Joker_ does not work for highly popular events.
Events that have been highly popular in the past include: Chaos
Communication Congress, DebConf, Internet Freedom Festival, FOSDEM.
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