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......@@ -6,21 +6,15 @@
[[!toc levels=3]]
Problems starting Tails
<h1 id="problems-starting-tails">Problems starting Tails</h1>
This section lists known problems with specific hardware. To report a problem
with different hardware see our [[report guidelines when Tails does not
<a id="problematic-usb-sticks"></a>
<h2 id="problematic-usb-sticks">Problematic USB sticks</h2>
Problematic USB sticks
<a id="pny"></a>
### PNY
<h3 id="pny">PNY</h3>
Last updated: 2014-08-02
......@@ -46,9 +40,7 @@ still be loud on help desk. Is it?
When installing Tails, PNY USB sticks have problems with the constant write load
and are prone to failure.
<a id="aegis"></a>
### Aegis Secure Key
<h3 id="aegis">Aegis Secure Key</h3>
Last updated: 2015-04-10
......@@ -67,10 +59,7 @@ During the boot process, USB is briefly powered off, that causes Aegis hardware-
This USB stick doesn't start Tails at all, the USB 2.0 workaround is not working for that hardware.
<a id="datatraveler-2000"></a>
<a id="datatraveler-100-g3"></a>
### Kingston DataTraveler 2000, Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3
<h3 id="datatraveler-2000">Kingston DataTraveler 2000, Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3</h3>
Last updated: 2018-09-18
......@@ -80,10 +69,7 @@ Success report received on 2020-01-04
Starting Tails from a Kingston DataTraveler 2000 or DataTraveler 100G3 may
not work.
<a id="mac"></a>
<h2 id="mac">Mac</h2>
Last updated:
......@@ -132,14 +118,9 @@ Last updated:
* Mac Pro Tower and MacBook Pro 4,1 (both from early 2008)
fail to start on Tails.
<a id="pc">
<h2 id="pc">PC</h2>
<a id="lockup"></a>
### "Soft lockup" error
<h3 id="lockup">"Soft lockup" error</h3>
Last updated: 2019-05-20
......@@ -154,9 +135,7 @@ Tails|doc/advanced_topics/boot_options]]:
acpi_rev_override=1 nouveau.modeset=0
<a id="sg-black-screen"></a>
### Acer Travelmate 8573T-254G50M
<h3 id="sg-black-screen">Acer Travelmate 8573T-254G50M</h3>
Last updated: 2013-08-08
......@@ -167,7 +146,7 @@ Booting from DVD works fine, but does not start from USB sticks.
This problem might be corrected in Tails 1.1 and newer: please report
your test results back to us.
### Acer Aspire 5315-ICL50
<h3 id="aspire-5315-icl50">Acer Aspire 5315-ICL50</h3>
Last updated: 2015-04-10
......@@ -175,11 +154,11 @@ Last updated: 2015-04-10
Does not start on USB sticks.
### AMD Ryzen with Vega graphics cards
<h3 id="amd-ryzen-vega-graphics">AMD Ryzen with Vega graphics cards</h3>
See [[support/known_issues/graphics#amd-vega]].
### ASUS VivoBook X202E
<h3 id="asus-vivobook-x202e">ASUS VivoBook X202E</h3>
Last updated: 2013-07-20
......@@ -191,7 +170,7 @@ legacy boot support, enable 'Launch CSM' under boot (menu).
This problem might be corrected in Tails 1.1 and newer: please report
your test results back to us.
### Dell Chromebook LULU
<h3 id="dell-chromebook-lulu">Dell Chromebook LULU</h3>
Last updated: 2018-01-10
......@@ -202,7 +181,7 @@ Tails|doc/advanced_topics/boot_options]]:
### Dell Latitude E5250
<h3 id="dell-latitude-e5250">Dell Latitude E5250</h3>
Last updated: 2019-04-05
......@@ -210,7 +189,7 @@ Last updated: 2019-04-05
Does not start on Tails USB sticks.
### Dell Latitude E6430 and E6230
<h3 id="dell-latitude-e6430">Dell Latitude E6430 and E6230</h3>
Last updated: 2018-06-14 (wb://7653aff4f415e996567233d8c088da08)
......@@ -225,7 +204,7 @@ Error message: `Invalid partition table!`
Workaround (at least with BIOS versions A09, A11, and A12): just hit enter
and it will continue with the boot.
### Dell XPS L702X/03RG89, Samsung RV520, Samsung Series 7 Chronos
<h3 id="dell-xps-l702x">Dell XPS L702X/03RG89, Samsung RV520, Samsung Series 7 Chronos</h3>
Last updated:
......@@ -244,7 +223,7 @@ your test results back to us.
### HP Compaq dc5750 Microtower
<h3 id="hp-compaq-dc5750">HP Compaq dc5750 Microtower</h3>
Last updated: 2015-02-10
......@@ -253,7 +232,7 @@ Specs:
Does not start Tails 1.2.3.
### HP Compaq 615
<h3 id="hp-compaq-615">HP Compaq 615</h3>
Last updated: 2013-11-05
......@@ -263,7 +242,7 @@ Specs:
You need to update the firmware to its latest version in order to start from a
USB stick.
### HP Compaq CQ60-214DX
<h3 id="hp-compaq-cq60-214dx">HP Compaq CQ60-214DX</h3>
Last updated: 2018-02-16
......@@ -272,7 +251,7 @@ Specs:
Tails 3.3 does not start.
### HP Pavilion 15-ab277ca
<h3 id="hp-pavilion-15-ab277ca">HP Pavilion 15-ab277ca</h3>
Last updated: 2018-01-15
......@@ -281,7 +260,7 @@ Worked in 3.0 (wb://b485a1cfa7f7cc1073a70b31f428097c)
Tails 3.3 restarts during startup and never starts successfully.
### HP ProBook
<h3 id="hp-probook">HP ProBook</h3>
Last updated: 2016-05-14
......@@ -296,7 +275,7 @@ That workaround applied to, at least, the following HP ProBook:
* 4330s
* 6560b
### Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p
<h3 id="lenovo-ideapad-y410p">Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p</h3>
Last updated: 2014-08-03
......@@ -305,7 +284,7 @@ Specs:
Does not start Tails 1.1 from USB installed manually in Linux.
### Lenovo IdeaPad z585
<h3 id="lenovo-ideapad-z585">Lenovo IdeaPad z585</h3>
Last updated: 2014-08-05
......@@ -314,7 +293,7 @@ Specs:
Goes back continuously to Boot Loader on Tails installed on DVD.
### Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
<h3 id="microsoft-surface-laptop-3">Microsoft Surface Laptop 3</h3>
Last updated: 2020-07-03
......@@ -323,7 +302,7 @@ Last updated: 2020-07-03
The keyboard and mouse do not work on this laptop.
If you find a workaround, please let us know.
### Clevo W258CU, ThinkPad X121e, T420i, T410, T520, W520, T530, T60, E325, and E530
<h3 id="clevo-w258cu">Clevo W258CU, ThinkPad X121e, T420i, T410, T520, W520, T530, T60, E325, and E530</h3>
Last updated:
......@@ -350,7 +329,7 @@ due to a firmware limitation.
This problem might be corrected in Tails 1.1 and newer: please report
your test results back to us.
### System76 Oryx Pro
<h3 id="system76-oryx-pro">System76 Oryx Pro</h3>
Last updated: 2019-05-02
......@@ -361,27 +340,20 @@ This machine does not start from a Tails USB stick: the Linux kernel
included in at least Tails 3.11 to 3.13.1, inclusive, does not support
the hardware USB controller.
<a id="wi-fi"></a>
Wi-Fi issues
<h1 id="wi-fi">Wi-Fi issues</h1>
[[!inline pages="doc/anonymous_internet/networkmanager/no-wifi.inline" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
* Check in the following sections
if there is a workaround to get your Wi-Fi interface work in Tails.
<a id="wi-fi-workarounds"></a>
Knowing the model of your Wi-Fi interface
<h2 id="wi-fi-workarounds">Knowing the model of your Wi-Fi interface</h2>
1. Open <span class="application">Terminal</span> and execute the following command:
lspci -v | grep "Network controller"
88W8897 [AVASTAR] 802.11ac Wireless
<h2 id="88w8897">88W8897 [AVASTAR] 802.11ac Wireless</h2>
Last updated: 2018-09-19
......@@ -395,8 +367,7 @@ If you experience this problem, you can try to [[disable MAC address
spoofing|doc/first_steps/welcome_screen/mac_spoofing]] that sometimes
fixes it.
RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter
<h2 id="rtl8723be">RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter</h2>
Last updated: 2017-12-24
......@@ -421,10 +392,7 @@ depends on the computer:
- <span class="command">rtl8723be.ant_sel=2 rtl8723be.fwlps=0 rtl8723be.ips=0</span>
<a id="broadcom-sta-dkms"></a>
Broadcom Wi-Fi network interface needing `broadcom-sta-dkms`
<h2 id="broadcom-sta-dkms">Broadcom Wi-Fi network interface needing `broadcom-sta-dkms`</h2>
Last updated: 2019-01-29
......@@ -442,7 +410,7 @@ supported by the `broadcom-sta-dkms` package on the corresponding
in the list of supported devices, then it is impossible to use your
Wi-Fi card in Tails.
## Lenovo Legion Y530
<h2 id="lenovo-legion-y530">Lenovo Legion Y530</h2>
Last updated: 2019-05-10
......@@ -455,7 +423,7 @@ starting Tails|doc/advanced_topics/boot_options]]:
## RTL8821CE
<h2 id="rtl8821ce">RTL8821CE</h2>
Last updated: 2020-02-21
......@@ -465,13 +433,9 @@ The Realtek RTL8821CE Wi-Fi adapter is not supported in Linux yet.
This problem is tracked by [[!debbug 917941]].
Security issues
<a id="video-memory"></a>
<h1 id="security-issues">Security issues</h1>
Tails does not erase video memory
<h2 id="video-memory">Tails does not erase video memory</h2>
Tails doesn't erase the [[!wikipedia Video_RAM_(dual-ported_DRAM) desc="video memory"]] yet.
When one uses Tails, then restarts the computer into another operating
......@@ -501,18 +465,13 @@ fingerprint|doc/about/fingerprint]].
Other issues
<h1 id="other-issues">Other issues</h1>
<a id="openpgp-import"></a>
Importing OpenPGP public keys using the *Passwords and Keys* utility does nothing
<h2 id="openpgp-import">Importing OpenPGP public keys using the *Passwords and Keys* utility does nothing</h2>
[[!inline pages="support/known_issues/import_broken_in_seahorse.inline" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
Boot Loader has display issues
<h2 id="boot-loader-display-issues">Boot Loader has display issues</h2>
Last updated: 2014-06-27
......@@ -523,10 +482,9 @@ I asked some ThinkPad X230 users to confirm.
Since Tails 1.1, on some hardware (ThinkPad X230, MacBook Pro 8,1),
the Boot Loader is not displayed properly. Tails starts fine, though.
Touchpad configurations
<h2 id="touchpad-configurations">Touchpad configurations</h2>
### Acer TravelMate B113 - ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad
<h3 id="acer-travelmate-b113">Acer TravelMate B113 - ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad</h3>
Last updated: 2013-08-15
......@@ -540,7 +498,7 @@ Specs:
synclient FingerLow=1;
synclient FingerHigh=1;
### Acer C720 - Cypress APA Touchpad
<h3 id="acer-c720">Acer C720 - Cypress APA Touchpad</h3>
Last updated: 2016-08-20
......@@ -549,16 +507,11 @@ Last updated: 2016-08-20
synclient FingerLow=5;
synclient FingerHigh=5;
Bluetooth devices don't work
<h2 id="bluetooth-devices-dont-work">Bluetooth devices don't work</h2>
Bluetooth is not enabled in Tails for security reasons.
<a id="automatic_upgrade_fails"></a>
<a id="partial-upgrade"></a>
Tails fails to start or behaves weirdly after an automatic upgrade
<h2 id="automatic-upgrade-fails">Tails fails to start or behaves weirdly after an automatic upgrade</h2>
Last updated: 2019-07-31
......@@ -578,10 +531,7 @@ manually|doc/upgrade/#manual]].
Note that your Persistent Storage will be safely preserved.
<a id="persistence-disappears"></a>
<em>Persistent</em> folder disappears and data of the Persistent Storage is unavailable
<h2 id="persistence-disappears"><em>Persistent</em> folder disappears and data of the Persistent Storage is unavailable</h2>
Sometimes, the *Persistent* folder is missing and
all the data of the Persistent Storage is unavailable.
......@@ -620,9 +570,7 @@ execute the following command in a terminal:
`sudo chown root:root /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked`
<a id="restart-shell"></a>
## Icons and information located on the top right corner of the screen disappeared
<h2 id="restart-shell">Icons and information located on the top right corner of the screen disappeared</h2>
Sometimes, some of the icons located on the top right corner of the
screen are not displayed entirely, or at all. For example,
......@@ -635,8 +583,7 @@ Shell, which often solves this problem.
See [[!tails_ticket 10576]] for more details.
Some languages do not have the correct keyboard layout set by default
<h2 id="languages-incorrect-keyboard-layout">Some languages do not have the correct keyboard layout set by default</h2>
Last updated: 2017-08-07
......@@ -653,7 +600,7 @@ Affected language codes are `AYC`, `BHB`, `BRX`, `CMN`, `HAK`, `HNE`, `LIJ`,
`LZH`, `MHR`, `NAN`, `NHN`, `QUZ`, `SGS`, `SHS`, `TCY`, `THE`, `UNM`, `WAE` and
## The OpenPGP passphrase prompt steals the keyboard and mouse focus
<h2 id="openpgp-prompt-steals-focus">The OpenPGP passphrase prompt steals the keyboard and mouse focus</h2>
Last updated: 2018-01-15
......@@ -666,9 +613,7 @@ a
echo "no-grab" >> ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
<a id="utc"></a>
## Problems when the system clock goes backwards
<h2 id="utc">Problems when the system clock goes backwards</h2>
When connecting to Tor, Tails sets the system time to the current time
in the [[!wikipedia Coordinated_Universal_Time]] (UTC) timezone.
......@@ -694,7 +639,7 @@ Consensus</span>.</li>
To solve this problem permanently on a Windows computer,
[set the hardware clock of the computer to UTC](
## Lenovo ThinkPad 11e
<h2 id="lenovo-thinkpad-11e">Lenovo ThinkPad 11e</h2>
Last updated: 2018-03-22
......@@ -709,9 +654,7 @@ starting Tails|doc/advanced_topics/boot_options]]:
<a id="usb-gigabyte"></a>
## USB devices are not working on some [GIGABYTE]( motherboards
<h2 id="usb-gigabyte">USB devices are not working on some [GIGABYTE]( motherboards</h2>
Last updated: 2019-06-02
......@@ -737,7 +680,7 @@ To workaround this issue, you can try to:
Some of these workarounds may disable some of the USB ports.
## Graphics corruption in in Tor Browser and Thunderbird
<h2 id="graphics-corruption-tor-browser">Graphics corruption in in Tor Browser and Thunderbird</h2>
Last updated: 2020-02-22
......@@ -759,7 +702,7 @@ This problem affects at least the following computers:
- MacBookPro11,5
- other MacBooks with a Radeon R9 graphics adapter
### Acer Swift 3
<h3 id="acer-swift-3">Acer Swift 3</h3>
In order to allow Tails to use all available memory,
start Tails from the *F2 EFI setup* firmware entry.
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