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Remove unhelpful paragraph

This paragraph was basically saying the same as the introduction of WoT
(and a second time in the body of the WoT section).

Keeping in mind that this information is display to everybody
downloading Tails and that a proper WoT verification is very complicated
to perform, let's explain the difference between "basic" and "WoT" only

The detailed explanation of the threat at the beginning of the WoT
toggle is still and complementary with the summary of the WoT section.
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......@@ -300,12 +300,6 @@ BitTorrent.</p>
<h3>Basic OpenPGP verification</h3>
<p>You can verify using OpenPGP without first authenticating our signing key
through the OpenPGP Web of Trust. But, if you do not first authenticate our
signing key, the verification is no better than verifying using our
browser extension or BitTorrent. This is because you are still relying
on information (our key) being securely downloaded using HTTPS from our website.</p>
[[!toggle id="basic-openpgp" text="See instructions for basic OpenPGP verification."]]
[[!toggleable id="basic-openpgp" text="""
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