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Test suite: escape regexp special characters when constructing the firewall log parsing regexp.

.. and pass -P to grep, since Ruby uses PCRE.
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......@@ -160,9 +160,11 @@ Then /^the firewall is configured to block all IPv6 traffic$/ do
def firewall_has_dropped_packet_to?(proto, host, port)
regex = "^Dropped outbound packet: .* DST=#{host} .* PROTO=#{proto} "
regex = "^Dropped outbound packet: .* "
regex += "DST=#{Regexp.escape(host)} .* "
regex += "PROTO=#{Regexp.escape(proto)} "
regex += ".* DPT=#{port} " if port
$vm.execute("journalctl --dmesg --output=cat | grep -q '#{regex}'").success?
$vm.execute("journalctl --dmesg --output=cat | grep -qP '#{regex}'").success?
When /^I open an untorified (TCP|UDP|ICMP) connections to (\S*)(?: on port (\d+))? that is expected to fail$/ do |proto, host, port|
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