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......@@ -132,10 +132,9 @@ To continue discovering Tails, you can now read:
Press and media
See the [[Press and media information|press]].
See [[Press and media information|press]].
Acknowledgments and similar projects
See the
[[acknowledgments and similar projects page|doc/about/acknowledgments_similar]].
See [[Acknowledgments and similar projects|doc/about/acknowledgments_similar]].
......@@ -5,5 +5,5 @@
- [[!traillink Can_I_hide_the_fact_that_I_am_using_Tails?|about/fingerprint]]
- [[!traillink Trusting_Tails|about/trust]]
- [[!traillink License|about/license]]
- [[!traillink Acknowledgments and similar projects|about/acknowledgments_similar]]
- [[!traillink Acknowledgments_and_similar_projects|about/acknowledgments_similar]]
- [[!traillink Finances|about/finances]]
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