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2019-07 report: add stuff I was involved in.

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......@@ -86,7 +86,27 @@ Infrastructure
key|doc/about/openpgp_keys/signing_key_revocation]] after an external
review. ([[!tails_ticket 15604]])
- We discussed additions of new people to the mechanism.
- We discussed additions of new people to the Tails signing key
revocation mechanism.
- The new backups system for our entire infrastructure is live.
[[!tails_ticket 15071]]
- We upgraded our Puppet master (sic) to Debian 10 (Buster), which
supports PuppetDB out of the box. This allowed us to drop a bunch of
hackish workarounds and it was a great way to fast-track the
onboarding of zen, our new sysadmin. [[!tails_ticket 16460]]
- We made great progress on our [web translation
- We fixed a number of bugs identified since we submitted the platform
to a production workload.
- We modified in depth the permissions model to address issues identified
by a security review.
- We sent a public call for testing.
- We kept working on documentation for translators.
- We adjusted the resources allocated to the VM that runs this platform
and deployed Apache `mod_security` to make it a bit less scary.
......@@ -104,6 +124,11 @@ Outreach
Past events
- A few Tails contributors attended
[DebConf19](, the annual Debian
Developers and Contributors Conference. intrigeri and nodens run
a skill-sharing session about AppArmor.
Upcoming events
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