Commit 2f16f2d1 authored by anonym's avatar anonym

Partially disable the Tor Browser window resizing feature.

It interferes with the automated test suite by causing misclicks. It
will supposedly appear in a different from in the final Tor Browser
5.5 release any way.

Refs: #10858
parent cab10ea8
......@@ -97,3 +97,9 @@ pref("", false);
// Without setting this, the Download Management page will not update
// the progress being made.
pref("", true);
// The window resizing feature in Tor Browser 5.5a6 is a bit crazy,
// causing frequent resizing of the window at inconvenient times. In
// the automated test suite this results in misclicks because some
// targets move (due to this window resizing) suddenly.
pref("extensions.torbutton.resize_windows", false);
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