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......@@ -85,13 +85,19 @@ encryption:
- Encrypt and sign your emails and documents, using the *de facto* standard
<span class="definition">[[!wikipedia OpenPGP]]</span> either from Tails
email client or file browser.
email client, text editor or file browser.
- Protect your instant messaging conversations using <span
class="definition">[[!wikipedia Off-the-Record_Messaging
desc="OTR"]]</span>, a cryptographic tool that provides encryption,
authentication and deniability.
- [[Securely delete your files|doc/encryption_and_privacy/secure_deletion]]
and clean your diskspace using [[Nautilus
[[Read more about those tools in the documentation.|doc/encryption_and_privacy]]
What's next?
......@@ -99,6 +105,7 @@ To continue discovering Tails, you can now read:
- the [[warning page|doc/about/warning]] page to understand better the security limitations of Tails and Tor,
- more details about the [[features and software|doc/about/features]] included in Tails,
- our [[documentation|doc]] explaining in details how to use Tails,
- some hints on why [[should you trust Tails|doc/about/trust]],
- our [[design document|contribute/design]] about Tails specification, threat model and implementation.
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