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Add issue about limited translations of Tor Browser

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......@@ -47,6 +47,9 @@ for technical details.
# Known issues
* Tor Browser is translated in [[15
languages only|support/known_issues#browser_languages]].
* [[Longstanding|support/known_issues]] known issues.
# I want to try it or to upgrade!
......@@ -339,3 +339,13 @@ Tor Browser takes too long to shutdown
Since Tails 0.22, the browser sometimes takes too long to shutdown
([[!tails_ticket 6480]]). Waiting a few more seconds is usually enough
to let it close itself correctly.
<a id="browser_languages"></a>
Tor Browser is translated in a limited number of languages
Since Tails 1.2, the web browser is based on Tor Browser which is
translated in less languages than before. You can see the list of
languages available in Tor Browser from the [Tor Browser
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