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Add notes on assistant and extension

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......@@ -81,6 +81,7 @@ The comments, placed after ':' correspond to our rough objectives for
- Newsletter
- Donation: #7176?
- Backups: #8812?
- Signing key revocation or change
......@@ -109,6 +109,24 @@ Open questions
- Otherwise, ISO verification could be merged with download in the
assistant and we need a special case for download through Torrent.
- How do we deal with failed or corrupted downloads?
- Link between the browser and the file system. Could that be
confusing? What is possible?
- Change the name of the ISO image once verified?
tails-1.2_UNVERIFIED.iso → tails-1.2_VERIFIED.iso
- If so, do we want to distinguish between checksum and OpenPGP
verification? tails-1.2_UNVERIFIED.iso →
tails-1.2_OPENPGP_VERIFIED.iso / tails-1.2_TRUSTED.iso
- What are the technical solutions to integrate download and
verification? Can the extension watch the download and propose
verification once its over?
- Do we want the extension to have pinning on the
- Do we want to push stronger for OpenPGP TOFU?
- If yes, then people on Windows will trust Mozilla and UUI once,
and then Tails developers each time.
- If no, then people on Windows will trust Mozilla and UUI once, and
then each time.
- What happen with the signing key changes or is revoked?
Technical insight
......@@ -35,3 +35,12 @@ Open problems:
example to feed it into Tails Installer?
- If we ask the user for its OS type, version, desired medium, does
this have privacy implications? Do we want to do statistics on that?
- What do we advice to do when the verification fails?
- Try to download again using Go somewhere
else? What if is censored?
- What do we do with the bad ISO? Rename? Delete? Save? Analyse?
- Investigate how we could monitor the usage of the assistant: most
common path, failures, people leaving, etc. But this can have
privacy issues.
- When people leave, do we want to give them some warning,
explanation, good bye message?
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