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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: The Tor Project\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2018-03-12 19:03+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2017-11-20 12:46+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-04-09 00:00+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: French language coordinator <>\n"
"Language-Team: French ("
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ msgstr "Redémarrer"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
msgid "Lock screen"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Verrouillage de l'écran"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
msgid "Power Off"
......@@ -146,51 +146,44 @@ msgid "not available"
msgstr "non disponible"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:170
#, fuzzy
msgid "Your additional software installation failed"
msgstr "Vos logiciels additionnels"
msgstr "L'installation de vos logiciels additionnels a échoué"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:171
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"The installation failed. Please check your additional software "
"configuration, or read the system log to understand better the problem."
msgstr ""
"La mise à jour a échouée. Cela peut être dû à un problème réseau. Veuillez "
"vérifier votre connexion réseau, essayez de redémarrer Tails, ou lisez le "
"journal système afin de mieux comprendre le problème."
"L'installation a échoué. Veuillez vérifier la configuration de votre "
"logiciel additionnel ou lire le journal système afin de mieux comprendre le "
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:177
#, fuzzy
msgid "Your additional software are installed"
msgstr "Vos logiciels additionnels"
msgstr "Vos logiciels additionnels sont installés"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:178
#, fuzzy
msgid "Your additional software are ready to use."
msgstr "Vos logiciels additionnels"
msgstr "Vos logiciels additionnels sont prêts à être utilisés."
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:194
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:204
#, fuzzy
msgid "Your additional software upgrade failed"
msgstr "Vos logiciels additionnels"
msgstr "La mise à jour de vos logiciels additionnels a échoué"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:195
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"The check for upgrades failed. This might be due to a network problem. "
"Please check your network connection, try to restart Tails, or read the "
"system log to understand better the problem."
msgstr ""
"La mise à jour a échouée. Cela peut être dû à un problème réseau. Veuillez "
"vérifier votre connexion réseau, essayez de redémarrer Tails, ou lisez le "
"journal système afin de mieux comprendre le problème."
"La vérification des mises à jour a échoué. Cela peut être dû à un problème "
"réseau. Veuillez vérifier votre connexion réseau, essayer de redémarrer "
"Tails, ou lire le journal système afin de mieux comprendre le problème."
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:201
#, fuzzy
msgid "Your additional software are up to date"
msgstr "Vos logiciels additionnels"
msgstr "Vos logiciels additionnels sont à jour"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-additional-software:202
msgid "The upgrade was successful."
......@@ -202,8 +195,8 @@ msgid ""
"your network connection, try to restart Tails, or read the system log to "
"understand better the problem."
msgstr ""
"La mise à jour a échouée. Cela peut être dû à un problème réseau. Veuillez "
"vérifier votre connexion réseau, essayez de redémarrer Tails, ou lisez le "
"La mise à jour a échoué. Cela peut être dû à un problème réseau. Veuillez "
"vérifier votre connexion réseau, essayer de redémarrer Tails, ou lire le "
"journal système afin de mieux comprendre le problème."
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/lib/tails-htp-notify-user:52
......@@ -266,7 +259,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-screen-locker:109
msgid "Lock Screen"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Verrouiller l'écran"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-screen-locker:118
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tor-browser:46
......@@ -275,22 +268,21 @@ msgstr "Annuler"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-screen-locker:124
msgid "Screen Locker"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Verrouillage de l'écran"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-screen-locker:130
msgid "Set up a password to unlock the screen."
msgstr ""
msgstr "Configurer un mot de passe pour le déverrouillage de l'écran."
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-screen-locker:135
msgid "Password"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Mot de passe"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-screen-locker:141
msgid "Confirm"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Confirmer"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend-wrapper:35
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"\"<b>Not enough memory available to check for upgrades.</b>\n"
......@@ -302,8 +294,8 @@ msgid ""
"Or do a manual upgrade.\n"
msgstr ""
"<b>Il n'y a pas assez de mémoire disponible pour vérifier les mises à jour.</"
"\"<b>Il n'y a pas assez de mémoire disponible pour vérifier les mises à jour."
"Assurez-vous que cet ordinateur satisfait les conditions requises pour "
"utiliser Tails.\n"
......@@ -312,7 +304,7 @@ msgstr ""
"Essayez de redémarrer Tails pour vérifier à nouveau les mises à jour.\n"
"Ou effectuez une mise à jour manuelle.\n"
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend-wrapper:72
#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:27
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ RewriteRule ^contribute/signing_key_revocation/?$ doc/about/openpgp_keys/signing
RewriteRule ^contribute/working_together/roles/front_desk/?$ contribute/working_together/roles/help_desk [R]
RewriteRule ^features/?$ doc/about/features [R]
RewriteRule ^found_a_problem/?$ support/found_a_problem [R]
RewriteRule ^gdm/?$ doc/first_steps/bug_reporting/#does_not_start [R,NE]
RewriteRule ^gdm/?$ support/known_issues/graphics [R,NE]
RewriteRule ^git/?$ contribute/git [R]
RewriteRule ^GnuPG_key/?$ doc/about/openpgp_keys [R]
RewriteRule ^license/?$ doc/about/license [R]
......@@ -6,15 +6,16 @@
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Tails i10n Team\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2017-07-31 21:51+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-05-30 16:00-0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Tails translators <>\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-04-15 11:04+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Tails translators\n"
"Language-Team: Tails translators <>\n"
"Language: de\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.6.10\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.8.11\n"
#. type: Plain text
#, no-wrap
......@@ -54,23 +55,16 @@ msgstr ""
"Spuren zu hinterlassen, sofern Sie dies nicht ausdrücklich wünschen."
#. type: Plain text
#, fuzzy
#| msgid ""
#| "It is a complete operating system designed to be used from a DVD, USB "
#| "stick, or SD card independently of the computer's original operating "
#| "system. It is [[Free Software|doc/about/license]] and based on [[Debian "
#| "GNU/Linux|]]."
msgid ""
"It is a complete operating system designed to be used from a USB stick or a "
"DVD independently of the computer's original operating system. It is [[Free "
"Software|doc/about/license]] and based on [[Debian GNU/Linux|https://www."
msgstr ""
"Tails ist ein vollständiges Betriebssystem, das direkt von einer DVD, einem "
"USB-Stick oder einer SD-Karte aus genutzt wird, unabhängig von dem auf dem "
"Computer installierten Betriebssystem. Tails ist [[Freie Software|doc/about/"
"license]] und basiert auf [[Debian GNU/Linux|"
"Tails ist ein vollständiges Betriebssystem, das direkt von einem USB-Stick "
"oder einer DVD aus genutzt wird, unabhängig von dem auf dem Computer "
"installierten Betriebssystem. Tails ist [[Freie Software|doc/about/license]] "
"und basiert auf [[Debian GNU/Linux|]]."
#. type: Plain text
msgid ""
......@@ -400,7 +394,7 @@ msgstr ""
#. type: Bullet: ' - '
msgid "some hints on why [[you should trust Tails|doc/about/trust]],"
msgstr ""
"einige Denkanstöße, warum [[Sie Tails vertrauen sollten|doc/about/trust]]."
"einige Denkanstöße, warum [[Sie Tails vertrauen sollten|doc/about/trust]],"
#. type: Bullet: ' - '
msgid ""
......@@ -408,7 +402,7 @@ msgid ""
"threat model and implementation,"
msgstr ""
"unser [[Design-Dokument|contribute/design]] zu Spezifikation, Gefahrenmodell "
"und Implementierung von Tails."
"und Implementierung von Tails,"
#. type: Bullet: ' - '
msgid ""
......@@ -428,15 +422,16 @@ msgid "See [[Press and media information|press]]."
msgstr "Lesen Sie die [[Medien- und Presseinformationen|press]]."
#. type: Title =
#, fuzzy, no-wrap
#| msgid "Contact\n"
#, no-wrap
msgid "Social Contract\n"
msgstr "Kontakt\n"
msgstr "Sozialvertrag\n"
#. type: Plain text
msgid ""
"Read our [[Social Contract|contribute/working_together/social_contract]]."
msgstr ""
"Lesen Sie unseren [[Sozialvertrag|contribute/working_together/"
#. type: Title =
#, no-wrap
......@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ msgstr ""
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.8.11\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;\n"
"X-Generator: Weblate 2.10.1\n"
#. type: Plain text
#, no-wrap
......@@ -264,7 +265,9 @@ msgstr ""
#. type: Plain text
#, no-wrap
msgid "[[!inline pages=\"support/talk/languages.inline\" raw=\"yes\" sort=\"age\"]]\n"
msgstr "[[!inline pages=\"support/talk/languages.inline\" raw=\"yes\" sort=\"age\"]]\n"
msgstr ""
"[[!inline pages=\"support/talk/\" raw=\"yes\" sort=\"age\""
#. type: Plain text
#, no-wrap
[[!meta title="Tails April 2018 report"]]
[[!toc levels=2]]
This report covers the activity of Tails in April 2018.
Everything in this report is public.
# A. VeraCrypt support in GNOME
## A.4 Add VeraCrypt support to udisks
We continued working with upstream on the udisks pull request [#495](
## A.6 Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Files
We added support to unlock VeraCrypt containers via the unlock dialog opened by gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor, which now allows unlocking encrypted volumes via GNOME Files or when the storage device is plugged in ([[!tails_ticket 15218]]).
## A.10 Port to the latest version of GNOME
Instead of developing for the GNOME version we use in Tails and forward-porting our patches, we decided to develop for the latest version of GNOME and backport the patches to the version we use in Tails. Therefore, we backported our udisks and GNOME Disks patches ([[!tails_ticket 15253]], [[!tails_ticket 15515]]) and created Debian packages to use them in Tails ([[!tails_ticket 15522]], [[!tails_ticket 15523]]).
# B. Additional software
## B.4 Implement backend and GUI
We [[!tails_ticket 15544 desc="polished a bit"]] the wording of the
persistent volume configuration GUI. We fixed issues with the early implementation ([[!tails_ticket 15431]], [[!tails_ticket 15430]], [[!tails_ticket 15386]], [[!tails_ticket 15382]], [[!tails_ticket 15380]])
We also identified and fixed
a [[!tails_ticket 15550 desc="regression"]] introduced as part of the
initial implementation of this activity.
We are now working on releasing a beta version for wider testing of this new feature ([[!tails_ticket 14599]]).
## B.6 Write user documentation
We wrote a [draft of the user documentation]( ([[!tails_ticket 14589]])
## B.7 User testing
We prepared the user testing that will happen in the first week of May.
([[!tails_ticket 14591]])
# C. Deliver new features
......@@ -40,7 +40,8 @@ graphical interface like Synaptic, a notification is displayed to let them add
or remove it from their list of additional software.
These notifications are triggered by APT hooks. In the backend, we would
answer <em>Yes</em> to all debconf questions.
set `DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical` so that `debconf` does not ask
questions (and instead uses default values as answers).
### When a package is installed with a persistent storage unlocked
[[!meta title="Hardware compatibility"]]
# Will my computer run Tails?
[[!toc levels=2]]
Most computer vendors typically configure their offerings to run Windows or macOS. Since Tails is based on a Linux operating system that your computer was likely not designed to run, some features you’re used to using in your computer may not function in Tails. The Tails team cannot all releases of Tails on all known computers and currently, no vendors configure their products to work with Tails specifically. However, some vendors do offer computers that function well in similar variants of Debian, the Linux distribution that Tails is based on or other similar Linux distributions.
## Known Linux-friendly vendors
* link: System76
* link: Purism
* link: Zareason
* link: Dell’s Project Sputnik
Other hardware vendors may also have excellent Linux support but not advertise it. A few hours of [online searching]( may help find a good candidate for a computer that will work well with a Debian-based operating system, such as Tails. The best way to find out if your computer will run Tails, however, is to [download Tails]( and see for yourself!
[[!meta title="Explain Tails"]]
Open relationship
Tails is not my main operating system: Tails does not make me choose
between itself and other operating systems. With Tails I have an open
relationship. Is not my main operating system, I have other operating
systems for other things.
One in my laptop, one in my school...
Tails is not jealous and does not aim to fulfill all my computer needs:
if I need something Tails cannot give me... I can use another operating
But I respect our relationship: Tails does not want to be plugged to my
laptop if I am running other operating systems, so I never do that.
And I don't use identities I use on other operating systems from the
same Tails USB stick.
<a id="iff"></a>
From "[Writing good documentation](" at the IFF 2018
General terms
| Term | Translation | Not used |
| device | Medium, Speichermedium | |
| network configuration | Netzwerkeinstellungen | Netzwerkkonfiguration |
| USB stick
| file manager
| warnings
| warning section
| read also
| instructions
| read also our $instructions
| refer to our $instructions
| Dotfiles
| Software (packages)
| bug report
| bug
| boot menu
| boot option
| to press (a key)
| to click (on a button
| working session, session
| (graphical) interface
| main language
| administrative tasks
| command line -> *buntu and GNOME use "Befehlszeile". Wikipedia uses both Kommandozeile and Befehlszeile
| terminal
| keyboard layout
| Wi-fi
| Captive Portal
| button | knopf (GNOME)
| design document
| file sharing / sharing files
| client
| Firefox addon
| progress bar
| Troubleshooting section
| Term | Translation | Not used |
| OpenPGP key
| encryption key
| key ID
| fingerprint
| OTR, Off-the-record
| Perfect Forward Secrecy, Perfect Backward Secrecy
| Tor relay
| Tor bridge
| Tor network
| plain text
| password
| passphrase
| Public key cryptography
| signature
| to verify
| cold boot attack
Tails' own applications
| Term | Translation | Not used |
| OpenPGP Applet
| Unsafe Browser
| MAC address spoofing
| Download And Verify Extension
| Persistent volume
| Tails Greeter
| Tails Installer
| Tails Server
| Intermediary Tails
| Final Tails
Terms which are affected by non-neutral words in German
| Term | Translation | Not used |
| :------------:
| user interface
| man-in-the-middle attack
......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ aquí con la esperanza de ir organizando debates en torno a ellas:
usuarixs, usuari@s, usuarios y usuarias, etc.
* Cifrar o encriptar?
Si tienes opiniones sobre estos temas, coméntalo en la lista de correos.
Estilo y decisiones anteriores
......@@ -23,9 +23,60 @@ Discussions
[[Prepare a discussion|contribute/meetings#preparing-a-discussion]]
and add your topic here:
* [[!tails_ticket 15473]] Consider pointing the DuckDuckgo TBB searchbox to the .onion address.
* [[!tails_ticket 15474]] Consider alerting users about problems when they change the time on Tails
### Gather comments on our draft personas
Chapter 1: [[Kim, the surveilled at home|personas#kim]]
From the work that we did at the last summit, we drafted skeletons of
personas: a very basic description of what kind of users they are.
We are still missing lots of:
- Details, to bring them to life
- Research, to make sure they represent real users accurately
- Collective discussions, to decide how much effort we want to dedicate
to make Tails work better for each of them
But, still I wanted to gather some initial comments from all of you on
the work that we already.
We drafted four personas:
- Kim, the surveilled at home
- Cris, the sensitive information gatherer
- Riou, the protest organizer
- Derya, the privacy advocate
Until in May, June, July, and August I'll propose you to comment of each
of them, one each month.
I'm interested in gathering as much feedback from you as possible, like
in a brainstorming, but I want to refrain from discussing each comment.
Comments I'm interested in:
- Stuff you would add, change, or remove in each section of the
For example:
« *I think that Kim is too scared to use the shared computer from his
institution and instead he's rather borrowing from time to time the
computer of a trusted friend.* »
- External data or research that could feed this persona.
For example:
« *Here is an article recently about the repression of gay youth in
Africa:* »
- You raw subjectivity.
For example:
« *I won't be able to work with a persona named Kim because I have
daily nightmares involving Kim Jong-un.* »
......@@ -38,6 +89,6 @@ designate themselves beforehand.
| January 2018 | intrigeri | mercedes508 |
| February 2018 | anonym | sajolida |
| March 2018 | anonym | intrigeri |
| April 2018 | | |
| May 2018 | | |
| June 2018 | intrigeri | |
| April 2018 | u | anonym |
| May 2018 | sajolida | segfault |
| June 2018 | intrigeri | u |
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ Publishing
- Email the link to the report:
Subject: Tails report for XXXXXXXX YYYY
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ Template
Press and testimonials
XXX: Copy content from press/media_appearances_2016.mdwn
XXX: Copy content from press/media_appearances_2018.mdwn
This page is continuously updated by, so if
it's empty there might be nothing special to report.
[[!meta title="Tails report for March, 2018"]]
[[!meta date="Tue, 10 Apr 2018 01:23:45 +0000"]] XXX: adjust date
* [[Tails VERSION was released on MONTH DAY|news/version_VERSION]] ([major|minor] release).
* Tails VERSION+1 is [[scheduled for MONTH DAY|contribute/calendar]].
The following changes were introduced in Tails VERSION:
XXX: Copy the "Changes" section of the release notes, and compact a bit:
* Remove lines about software upgrade (that's not Tails itself).
* Remove screenshots.
* Remove "New features" and "Upgrades and changes" headlines.
* Remove line about Changelog.
- We've worked on a more detailed scheme to include our web translation
platform into our workflow [[!tails_ticket 10034]].
XXX: If you feel like it and developers don't do it themselves,
list important code work that is not covered already by the
Release section (for example, the changes being worked on for
the next version).
Documentation and website
XXX: If you feel like it and technical writers don't do it
themselves, explore the Git history:
git log --patch --since='1 October' --until='1 November' origin/master -- "*.*m*"
User experience
XXX: If you feel like it and the UX team does not do it
themselves, check the archives of tails-ux:
Hot topics on our help desk
XXX: Ask to list hot topics for the last month.
XXX: Count the number of tests in /features at the beginning of next month
git checkout `git rev-list -n 1 --before="June 1" origin/devel`
git grep --extended-regexp '^\s*Scenario:' -- features/*.feature | wc -l
XXX: Report only if more scenarios have been written and add the diff from the previous month, for example:
- Our test suite covers SCENARIOS scenarios, DIFF more that in May.
- We submitted again our proposal for the work on [[distributing USB
images|blueprint/usb_install_and_upgrade]] to the [NLnet call for
- We participated in the [DuckDuckGo Privacy
Challenge]( We
raised $4 235 and rank 5th on March 28. XXX: Update these numbers!
You can help us win one of the prizes given out by DuckDuckGo (summit
up to $500 000) by [donating to our
Past events
- Internet Freedom Festival
- Tor developer meeting
- Tails was presented by jvoisin at the [Journées FedeRez]( ) in Paris, France. The slides (in French) are available [here](