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- Icedove: Tails' Icedove Apparmor profile has been accepted in Debian!
- Icedove: Tails' Icedove Apparmor profile [has been accepted in Debian](!
- DAVE: We have added new mirrors to our mirror pool, and soon we will update our Firefox Add-on with this [[!tails_ticket 11109 desc="changes"]].
- Tails server: There is a lot of progress the GUI, there have been user testing, ephemeral hidden services are created now with stem, the code is integrated in Tails now, it is possible to reset the onion addresses, the application is translatable and there are [ISO images]( available for testing now! You can read more about this [here]( and [here](
- We keep reducing our delta with upstream: now we have dropped the custom value for kernel.perf_event_paranoid sysctl ([[!tails_ticket 11511]]).
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