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- [[Burn a CD or install onto a USB stick|download#index4h1]]
- [[Installing onto a USB stick, for Linux|installing_onto_a_usb_stick/linux]]
- [[Installing onto a USB stick, for Windows|installing_onto_a_usb_stick/windows]]
- [[Installing onto a USB stick, for Mac|installing_onto_a_usb_stick/mac]]
- [[Stay tuned|download#index5h1]]
- [[Starting Tails!|download#index6h1]]
[[!meta title="Installing onto a USB stick, for Mac"]]
Some users reported to successfully boot from a USB stick using an Intel Mac
after following those steps:
- First, partition the USB drive in "Apple Partition Map" format from the 'Disk
Utility' in Tails.
- Then I followed the instruction on [[installing onto a USB stick for
- You will need to have rEFIt installed on the Mac.
- Hold the 'command/apple' key while booting up and select the USB drive to boot from.
Note that Tails developers are in general not very knowledgeable about Mac. Any
additional information is welcome.
......@@ -440,6 +440,7 @@ gpg: BAD signature from "Tails developers (signing key) <>"
<li>[[Instructions for Linux|doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/linux]]</li>
<li>[[Instructions for Windows|doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/windows]]</li>
<li>[[Instructions for Mac|doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/mac]]</li>
<p><strong>FIXME:</strong> mention Intel-based Mac users
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